10 Of The Best Ferret Cages 2021

Last Updated on January 23, 2021

Ferrets are great fun, and they’re one of the best pets you can keep – but as any ferret owner will tell you, they can also be one of the busiest! This is one of the reasons why you can’t just give your ferret free reign: Most ferrets are best handled on a leash, and best kept in a cage that gives them more than enough space to run around in without allowing them to get up to any mischief.

What this article covers:

At a Glance: Best Cages for Ferrets To Buy

We highly recommend looking at the comparison table we have below where we highlighted the features of each product. You’ll also find more detailed information about each product later in the article.

ImageNameEditor ReviewPrice
Yaheetech 6 Level Large Ferret CageBest Budget
At this price point, it’s one of the best (and largest) cages you can buy.
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Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret CageBest Overall
Has all the features you’ll want in a great enclosure
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Living World Deluxe HabitatBest Cage for One Ferret
Customers write that it gives their solo ferrets plenty of space
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MidWest Homes for Pets: Deluxe Ferret Cage & PlaypenBest Cage For Two Ferrets
It has four levels connected by three ramps
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go2buy Metal 3-Door Ferret Cage PlaypenBest Multi-Floor
Makes great use of its vertical space with ramps and shelves
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Kaytee Multi-Level Ferret CageBest Chew-Proof
Made with chew-proof coated metal that will help keep them secure.
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Not sure which cage is the best choice for your pet?

Here are our top 10 picks for the BEST FERRET CAGES:

1. Yaheetech 6 Level Large Ferret Cage

Yaheetech 6 Level Large Ferret Cage

The 6-level cage made by Yaheetech is a lot larger than most cages out there, and offers the benefits of more space for either one or two ferrets to have fun. Most of the space offered is in an upwards direction, which is great for active ferrets, and especially great if you intend to keep more than one.

It’s made with three doors that close up pretty well to prevent little escape artists from opening up the doors. The slideable food-and-cleaning trays are one of the best features of this one, making cleaning easy without having to empty out the entire cage.

Some extras like a water bottle are included with the cage.

2. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx makes what the call the Fiesty Ferret Cage – and if you’ve ever had a ferret before, you’ll understand why they call it that. It’s one of the top-rated ferret cages out there according to many online reviewers, and this is because it offers far more space than a lot of other cages out there, both vertically and horizontally.

Several platforms are there for your ferret to jump around on, and the cage can be split up into one or two sections depending on how much size they need. Slideable trays make for an easy clean without having to empty out the cage. It’s light, doesn’t take long to put together and holds up pretty well: As a bonus, it’s impossible for even the most persistent ferrets to chew through.

It’s also on wheels, making for easy transport when you need it.

3. Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is designed with hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets in mind – but it happens to work just as great for anyone intending to keep ferrets as well. Reviewers have referred to this one as one of the best single-level ferret cages out there, and although it might not give as much vertical space as other multi-level ferret cages, this one makes up for it in terms of floor area.

The doors – and the rest of the cage – have been made in such a way that it’s practically inescapable and very durable.

This is a great option if you’re keeping one ferret instead of two, or if you have an older ferret who has gotten used to taking things slower and won’t be jumping around between levels as much.

4. MidWest Homes for Pets: Deluxe Ferret Cage & Playpen

MidWest Homes for Pets: Deluxe Ferret Cage & Playpen

MidWest makes several different products in their Homes for Pets series, and this is one of the options that you’re looking at if you’re a ferret pet owner or owner-to-be. It’s one of the larger pet homes, offering four different adjustable levels for your ferret with two doors – and most users have reported that even ferrets who love to escape haven’t managed to get out of this one. best cage for two ferrets

The best feature of the MidWest is the fact that it has an entirely separate bottom shelf removed from the cage that you can use for storing pet essentials. It also happens to be made out of solid materials that ensure they won’t tarnish, bend or be chewed through by overexcited pets.

5. go2buy Metal 3-Door Ferret Cage Playpen

go2buy Metal 3-Door Ferret Cage Playpen

The go2buy 3-door ferret cage (obviously) offers three doors – and also five levels for your ferrets together with room to either adjust the levels as you need them or to connect more accessories. There’s a slideable tray for easy cleaning up, and basic accessories like the water bottle and food tray are included when you buy the cage.

The different levels are connected with platforms, which is great for especially busy furbabies.

6. Marshall Pet Products Ferret Mansion

Marshall Pet Products Ferret Mansion

The Marshall Pet Products “Ferret Mansion” sounds like a great idea in theory – and some people might figure that the name alone makes it a great buy – but it’s not so great in practice. First, it’s one of the more limiting cages out there and many users have come back to report that the Marshall cage isn’t as durable as it should be – or as advertised.

It can also be limiting in other ways, like less floor space than you’d expect it to have.

The main drawback of the Marshall cage is its wired construction throughout: It’s just the right size for feet to get stuck in, which makes this a no-no by default for many ferret owners. Don’t want a nasty accident? Opt for a better cage.

7. Kaytee Ferret Home Plus

Kaytee Ferret Home Plus

Kaytee makes several different ferret cages, and their Ferret Home Plus is one of the best ones. It’s suited for one or two ferrets and comes with two-door access with high-quality latches that even the most determined ferret won’t be able to get through. The platforms are adjustable, and the curved ramps make ups-and-downs easier for smaller (and older) ferrets.

The whole thing is on wheels, which is a bonus if you want to move the cage from one point to another, and it’s durable without being heavy.

8. Kaytee Multi-Level Ferret Cage

Kaytee Multi-Level Ferret Cage

For ferret owners with more space needs than the Ferret Home Plus can cover, there’s their multi-level ferret cage model instead. It’s obviously larger, and made from durable (and safe) materials for more peace of mind for owners – and fun for ferrets. It’s suited to several different ferrets but the levels can also be adjusted to make it more suitable for one of them instead.

It’s made with a deeper (and removable) base that’s pretty useful, and food trays are removable; the inside levels are also adjustable depending on what your needs are.

9. The Ferplast Ferret Cage

The Ferplast Ferret Cage

The Ferplast ferret cage comes with a few added accessories including a food tray, feeder, water bottle and several funnels which makes it an especially great choice for first-time ferret owners who aren’t sure what to buy along with their cage. It comes with four shelves (adjustable ones at that) and two official levels for your ferrets.

The way it’s separated – one level directly on top of another – might not be the best for young and active ferrets: Owners should be aware that it can present a danger if they were to fall, and extra securing might be needed.

The Ferplast cage opens with two doors, but they’re best reinforced if you have a ferret who loves opening things (even if they haven’t discovered the ability to just yet).

10. Mcage Large 3-Level Cage

Mcage Large 3-Level Cage

The Mcage is great if you need a larger cage and don’t mind the fact that it might take a little bit longer to assemble and put together.  It’s not the most sightly of cages, and it ends up being a very “bare bones” cage with no extras. Anything that you might want to add to this one, you’ll have to buy first – great for some, and not so great for others.

Even though it works great for most ferrets, it clearly wasn’t designed with ferrets in mind to begin with. Remember to add something to the flooring so that it’s not exposed wire – they didn’t seem to think too far about this aspect, and it presents possible danger for little ferret feet getting stuck in the base. Not ideal at all!

Yes, some ferrets are smart enough to open up the latches on this one – and you won’t know they can until they already have.

Maintaining a Ferret Cage

You need to maintain the ferret cage about once per month, and you’ll need to clean out the litter box every day. The cages don’t require much maintenance themselves, just make sure that they’re safe and stocked with the ferret’s favorite items, like a bed, hammock, and toys.

Some cages will come with their own hammock. If not, you can set up a hammock yourself easily. One useful tip for maintaining and cleaning the cage while your ferret is still inside the cage is that you can close the compartment which the ferret is in, while you clean the open compartment. Most ferret cages are multi-compartmental for this very reason.

There’s a simple routine that you can follow when cleaning the ferret cage. Firstly, take a cloth and soak it in warm water, and wipe the cage to clean it on the surface and remove all the dust.

Then, take some scented soap and clean out all the corners and bars of the cage. The reason you should use a scented soap is to that it takes care of the smell that will sometimes accumulate in the cage if it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time.

Then after having cleaned it with soap, wipe it down with a dry paper towel, and your ferret cage is as good as new! Note that you may need to scrub in some areas, as ferrets tend to leave a mess sometimes. If you have to clean the full cage without the ferret inside, then let it out for some playtime while you clean its cage!

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Why You Need a Ferret Cage

It might seem unnecessary for some people to have a cage for their ferret. Dogs or cats don’t have to be kept in a cage, so why should ferrets? Here’s why ferrets are different.

Ferrets sleep for most of the day, so they’ll be spending most of their life on their bed. Why a cage can help is because it gives the ferret a protected, closed-off environment to do what it does the most: sleeping.

For the few hours that they are awake, they’re hyperactive and will want to use up the energy that they saved sleeping. Often you might not have time for or be awake for this, and it can be problematic. When ferrets are this hyperactive and don’t have a playmate, they may prance around and trash the house or hurt your children (no joke). In those cases, it’s better to keep the ferret in their habitat and make sure it’s spacious enough for them to play in with their toys.

It’s best to purchase a large ferret cage so that it functions as an all-in-one habitat. It’s spacious, gives your ferret plenty of room to rest, play around, and go to the bathroom. Thankfully, there are many ferret cages for sale that are big enough for this purpose. Some are even taller than the average person.

Why I recommend Amazon

I purchased my first ferret cage from Amazon, and it was a Ferret Nation cage. It’s sturdy and strong, and I still have it for one of my ferrets. What I like about it is that it delivered quickly and has been useful to me since then.

I recommend Amazon because it has the best selection of ferret cages for sale that I’ve seen, and Amazon is one of the few brands that ship outside the United States. There aren’t many websites that will ship you ferret cages overseas.

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