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Last Updated on November 27, 2021

If you are a big fan of animals and pets like us, or you want to get started in the world of articles for websites, we have an excellent opportunity to help you get a good portfolio or improve the off-page SEO of your website. In Ferretvoice.com, we offer informative quality articles for all pet lovers. That is why you can collaborate with us so that our information bank is much more complete and diversified.

Are you interested in what you are reading? Then keep reading and discover the requirements to make a post on our blog, what you will get in return, and the procedure for accepting a publication are:

Requirements, conditions and technical details

Each post published on our blog must go through some reviews and must have the administrators’ approval. Because we know that your time is valuable and ours too, we have prepared some minimum requirements that any writer must apply to their articles and some information that you should know before submitting that:

  • The language of the article must be English.
  • The content cannot be plagiarized from another website and must be 100% original (anti-plagiarism test is applied)
  • The minimum amount of words is for each article must be 1000
  • The article will be subject to modifications, but its links will remain the same
  • Images must be copyright-free, but no images need to be placed in the draft.
  • The article must be shared by a Word file or by a link to Google Docs.
  • If the article is approved by Ferretvoice.com, you can no longer use this article on any other website.
  • You can choose the topic you want, but it must be related to animals or pets like dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, etc. In addition, we will not accept themes that we have previously published.
  • Each article should be SEO optimized as much as possible because we will not accept articles that do not have a correct structure (H1, H2, H3, paragraphs, introduction, development, conclusion, and bullets)
  • If you are going to use links or references, you must cite them and make sure they are reliable sources.
  • Avoid using SPAM or overloading the article with links unnecessarily.
  • When you have submitted the article for approval, it may take more than 48 hours (two days) for us to respond to you. Don’t despair, wait patiently, and don’t submit the item more than once.

What will your reward be for writing for Ferretvoice.com?

We always hope that the relationship we have with our users is a win-win, and they could always be well rewarded. If you are starting in the world of online writing, we can offer space on our blog to publish your articles and start building your portfolio. If you want to improve the off-page SEO of your website with link building, you can place a link to your website and possibly increase traffic.

When we find a fantastic article that came from the heart of an animal fan, there is always the possibility of being hired to do future writing and being rewarded for it.

How to start publishing?

If you are interested in sharing your best articles with us and contributing to our community of pet and animal lovers, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check that the topic you chose is not on our website
  2. Contact us through the mail [email protected] and use the subject:Guest Post/Sponsored post inquiry
  3. Attach the link to Google Docs or the Word.
  4. Wait for our reply

And That’s it! These would be all the steps to start publishing on Ferretvoice.com