Why Do Ferrets Sleep So Much?

The sleeping pattern of your ferret could also sometimes upset you for they could sleep as many as 18 hours, or more than 2/3rd of the 24 hour day. But should it be a cause of concern? No way.

Ferrets are heavy sleepers. A routine of 15 hour sleep (of course, not in a single stretch) is quite normal with them. Their sleep could seem that they may appear out to be limp or lifeless. In fact, their sleeping pattern has brought to the forefront a new term which is called “Dead Ferret Sleep”. Ferrets sleep for many hours after you play with them for a couple of hours. Also keep in mind that ferrets, especially kits, are not only heavy sleepers, they are very heavy sleepers, exemplifying the essence of dead ferret sleep. The soundness of their sleep is also reflected by the fact that some ferrets can be picked up or have their nails clipped while they are asleep.

If your ferret sleeps too much, do not consider it a problem. However, if your ferret misses usual activities such as eating, using the litter box, playing, wanting to explore, or any of his particularly beloved routines because of sleeping right through, then that could be the beginning of some problem. This could well be the symptoms of some kind of illness or depression. Needless to say, in such a situation consult your vet immediately.

Last Updated on February 15, 2023

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