Are Ferrets Illegal in My State? The Laws On Ferrets

Are Ferrets Illegal In My State

Ferrets are considered to be exotic pets and it is only legal to own one in 48 states. This is because some people are concerned about their unpredictable behavior, which in some cases have led to unprovoked attacks against humans. But in general, local authorities meaning the city or the county government can decide to […]

Ferret Flea Treatment (A Complete Guide)

Ferret Flea Treatment

For people with pet ferrets, warm, humid weather can bring one potential problem: fleas. These small, parasitic insects can cause serious discomfort and other health problems in your pet. And with flea eggs being able to remain dormant for years, a full-blown infestation can take pet owners by surprise. Luckily, there are many available treatments […]

100% of What You Need To Know About FERRET CARE

How to Take Care of a Ferret: Ferret Care 101

Wily, gregarious, and active, ferrets are challenging, yet lovable companions. Increasingly popular over the last few decades, many owners no longer view ferrets as pets, but as members of the family. Here’s what every potential ferret owner needs to know to properly care for these awesome creatures. Laws and Licensing The first step in ferret […]

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Ferret

ferrets as pets

Have you ever considered have a ferret for a pet? You’re not alone, the ferret is fast growing in popularity as a pet in the United States. Some statistics even put ferrets as the third most popular pet in America, behind dogs and cats. Read our ferrets as pets section, If You’re Interested in Studying […]