Are Ferrets Illegal in My State? The Laws On Ferrets

Updated on June 24, 2019

Are Ferrets Illegal in My State? The Laws On Ferrets

Ferrets are considered to be exotic pets and it is only legal to own one in 48 states. This is because some people are concerned about their unpredictable behavior, which in some cases have led to unprovoked attacks against humans. But in general, local authorities meaning the city or the county government can decide to follow these guidelines, make stricter rules or not agree with it. Two states that prohibit ferrets as pets are California Read More »

10 Reasons Ferrets Make The Best Pets

Updated on June 24, 2019

animals for adoption

If you like furry little things that snuggle up to you, play around with you and are just so cute that you can't stop the oohs and aahs then, Ferrets are the ideal pets for you. Ferrets are an excellent choice if you are looking for nice, intelligent creatures that reciprocate your love. They being cute doesn't stop them from being mischevious and can be a pain in the neck sometimes. It's like having a Read More »

The Simple Guide to BUYING a Ferret Baby ONLINE

Updated on June 28, 2019

The Simple Guide to Buying a Ferret Baby Online

Want to buy a ferret? There are several ways to get a cute and fuzzy animal. The first option is to purchase a ferret from a local store or online. There are not many stores that sell ferrets online (you have to go to them in person), but it’s still possible to buy a ferret online. I will go through some websites that have ferrets for sale and show you how to buy them. Buying Ferret Online Read More »

5 Minute Guide To Choosing A ferret ID Tag

Updated on June 22, 2019

Ferret name tag

Buying a ferret ID tag is like buying insurance – you do so with the devout wish that you’re never going to need it. The “possible cost” of not having a ferret ID tag is more expensive than the “actual cost” of buying the ferret tag itself. The type of ferret identification tag that you buy is important, so take 5 minutes or so to think it through. Impulsively choosing a collar tag because it’s Read More »

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