How To Get Rid Of Ferret Smell In House

Having the ferret as a pet is all fun as long as you are not irritated by its smell. A light smell is bearable, but when it spreads around your house, it becomes really bothersome.

If you are the one among your family members who love to have a ferret, you might face a tough time as no one can bear that smell. The smell is because ferrets have scent sacs around their anus that produce a musky smell. Now, let’s suppose you feel your ferret’s smell in your room, will you put the ferret out of the room? Of course, not!

So, how to get rid of the ferret smell in the room? There are many methods and products that help you get this done; it’s a bit difficult process but not impossible. Give this article a thorough read, and I hope you will get a solution to your problem at the end of this.

Basic Tips to Avoid Occurring of Ferret Odor

If you are worried about ferret smell, then the first thing you should do is decrease the chances of occurrence of smell. You must know how to make ferrets not stink, as this will prevent you from future problems. Here are some basic tips that will help you out:

  • Ferrets’ odor maybe because of not taking a bath for a long time, or it may be because of the excessive bathing that leads to oil production, which in turn produces a bad odor. So, ferret owners should know the right balance of bathing; generally, it is recommended to give him a bath only once a month.
  • Bathing needs may change among different ferrets, so you must ask the frequency of bathing him from your veterinarian.
  • Make sure to clean the ferret’s litter box and cage daily; cleaning it once a day is the bare minimum. Cleaning frequency also varies according to the number of ferrets living in one cage. If there is more than one ferret and the environment is humid, you need to clean the cage more frequently.

How To Get Rid Of Ferret Smell

Ferrets smell so bad at times; you want to get rid of this? If yes, then here’s how you can do this!

Keeping The Pet Clean

The hygiene of the ferret is very important; this is one of the key factors in reducing the chances of odor. Make sure to give the bathe to your ferret in warm water and wash him with the ferret-safe shampoo. In the beginning, bathing him once a month is good enough; however, the frequency may vary depending on your ferret’s health condition.

If you over bath your ferret, it may result in over production of oil that will ultimately produce a bad odor. Keeping him clean is important, but don’t bathe him unless he badly needs to have.

Cleaning the Ears

Cleaning the ears of the ferret is another important consideration that you shouldn’t ignore. Make sure to clean your ear on a weekly basis. To clean the ear, all you need to do is purchase an ear cleaning solution and gently clean the ear by using a cotton swab. Please don’t go too deep; otherwise, he may suffer from major issues.

Brushing the Teeth

Similar to us, brushing the teeth of ferrets is also very essential. For brushing, choose a soft toothbrush and gently brush his teeth once a week. Hold the ferret in your lap, and gently rotate the brush in circular directions. It might take a couple of days for your ferret to get habitual. You can also ask for professional help for cleaning teeth.

Training of the Ferret

Make sure to train your ferret properly, and make it a habit to use the litter box. Always put the litter box in the same place and pick up dropping inside the litter box in front of him. If your ferret is not using the litter box, then change the plant fiber of the litter. When the ferret starts popping in his litter box, then chances of ferret smell will also decrease.

Cleaning The Litter Box

Make sure that the litter box remains clean and tidy. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to clean the litter box completely; leave some droppings inside it; it will help your ferret identify the litter box. Never allow piling of the poops; the smell of dirty litter box is extremely irritating. 

Vacuuming Home

Dusting and vacuuming your home is mandatory. When your ferret plays in your house, they may transfer oils in furniture, curtains, rugs, and coaches. The odor of that oil spreads throughout the house, causing you trouble. So, to make your home free from ferret smell, you should vacuum your home on a weekly basis.

Best Ferret Odor Control Products

By following all the above-mentioned tips, you can somehow control ferret odor, but there are some of the best ways for controlling ferret smell. One of the best ways is to use odor control products. If you are thinking that how to get rid of the ferret smell, then just try these products, and thanks us later.

1. ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator for Home

If your home has the toughest traces of pet smell, then this odor eliminator will do wonders. Made with fresh orange peels, this odor eliminator smells so good and works in a way that you will surely love. Compared to other odor-fighting power, it works two times stronger. Just use this deodorizer directly on waste; you don’t have to do mixing.

Even if you have some urine smell or stains on the carpet, rugs, or furniture, this citrus deodorizer will eliminate everything perfectly. Well, if you are searching for an all-in-one solution to pet odors, then you couldn’t go wrong with this amazing product. So, if you are having this issue, then get rid of the smell today!

ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator

2. Marshall Pet Products Goodbye Odor Natural Deodorizing

For everyone who says that ‘my house smells like a ferret’ should necessarily get this Marshall deodorizer. This supplement works inside pets’ digestive tract and helps in deodorizing animal stool, neutralizing blood urea, and keeps your house smell-free. Contains a complete blend of amino acids and different enzymes; this supplement is veterinarian recommended.

All you have to do is add bi-odor in water or animal food, and you will start noticing the difference within a few days. You will completely love this safe and natural product as it will reduce all odor from home. Nutritionists and herbalists specially formulate it. Get this supplement and enjoy an odor-free home.

Goodbye Odor Natural Deodorizing

Best Air Purifier For Ferret Odor

The air purifier also helps in controlling ferret odor from home. You must be thinking that how to reduce ferret smell by using an air purifier; here is the answer to your question. Some of the best air purifiers are available in the market that helps in controlling ferret odor. Let’s have a look at some of them!

1. LEVOIT Air Purifier

Controlling ferret odor in large rooms is a bit difficult as the smell spreads immediately. Fortunately, this air purifier comes with maximum mode power and has the highest fan speed level that helps remove all the odor from large spaces easily. Compared to an ordinary air cleaner, this purifier has 30% higher efficiency and much higher speed.

Furthermore, the activated carbon filter and true HEPA filter helps in completely eliminating the odor. For allergic people, this air purifier is the best option as it helps remove 99.9% of pollen, mold spores, dust, and dander from the air. You can enjoy a new fresh air within your home. You can’t help loving its smart sensors, advanced features, and amazing features.

Now, ferrets will not disturb the quality of your home environment; what else do you want!

2. HATHASPACE Smart True HEPA Air Purifier for Home

Another fantastic air purifier for removing ferret odor from home is this Hathaspace smart purifier. Now your family won’t be affected by the pollutants of the ferret-like dust, pet hair, odors, smoke, pet dander, etc. Amazingly, this air purifier comes with a HEPA filter that captures even the smallest of the particles leaving clean air for you.

It is a beautiful amalgam of the air cleaner and odor eliminator; this helps absorb all the odor, smoke, and harmful pollutants from your home. This smart purifier will make all the adjustments itself; you don’t have to worry about the fan speed level. Moreover, you can also see the level of air quality on the unit; this keeps you aware of the type of air you are breathing. 

HATHASPACE Smart True HEPA Air Purifier for Home

Final Verdict

So, if you are suffering from the ferret odor in your home these days, this article will surely be beneficial for you. You don’t need to keep your beloved pet out of the home just because he makes a smell; try some basic tips, and these tips will help reduce the ferret odor.

Also, don’t forget to try odor control products and air purifiers, as these products will control the odor and ensure to provide you clean air.

How to Reduce Ferret Odor
How to Reduce Ferret Odor Infographic

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