7 Tips to Deal with your Ferrets Odor

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

Take time to smell the roses, they say. With ferrets, it’s another thing. Want to know how to get rid of ferret odor or at least to minimize it? Here are some FYIs that can be helpful in dealing with this so you’ll come home to a nice-smelling ferret in your fragrant house.

Frequency of Bathing

Common sense dictates that bathing makes a clean pet. Not so with ferrets. Bathing them will “get rid of the smell completely, but to compensate for the dry skin from bathing, a ferret will secrete oils which will actually make them smell stronger after a week or so.” Bathing them once every two or three months would be just enough.

Getting the Right Bedding

Change their bedding once a week. Your ferret will appreciate freshly laundered items that are not heavily scented with perfumed detergents or fabric softeners.  The main goal here is to have a “ferret bedding that does not smell at all, instead of ferret bedding that smells like soap or special scents.”

Cleaning Litter Boxes

Litter pans “need to be scooped every day. “  Because it gets messy quickly, especially if there are a couple of ferrets using it, scrub it with soap and water once a week. This may be a tough job but it’s better to not just have a good-smelling ferret but bacteria-free, too.

Proper Diet

Ferrets should eat“dry food that is low in fiber and high in fats and meat-based protein. Preservatives, artificial flavors, and low-quality fats will produce extra-stinky eliminations.”Rule of thumb: if the food stinks, your pet will stink, too.   

Cages and accessories

So you thought cages have nothing to do with the smell, huh? Think again. Ferrets need spacious cages, and please, no aquariums.  Make sure it has good ventilation and do not put it directly under the sun even with a cover. Cover wired floors with linoleum. For the accessories, food and water bowls should be locked to the side of the cage.  Fill them up only half-way so your ferret won’t spill its contents. A fitted litter box is recommended, too.

Smelly Ears and Bad Breath

When proper care is neglected, a waxy build-up in the ear may develop and dental problems may become a problem, thus leading to a smelly and uncomfortable ferret.  To clean the ears, use a cotton swab with an ear-cleaning solution and for the teeth, brush them regularly with special pet toothbrush and toothpaste.

Frightening Experiences

Descented* or not, ferret can still produce a “slightly musky aroma when stressed or scared.” Always protect them from dangerous places or threatening animals. Even children can scare a ferret. Always make their playtime a good and safe time for them.

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How to Reduce Ferret Odor
How to Reduce Ferret Odor Infographic

 * a surgical procedure to remove the anal sacs, which are musk-producing glands on either side of the anal opening.

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