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Ferret Clinic:

An estimated 1/2 to l million domestic ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) reside in CaliforniaFerrets have unique medical problems and few veterinarians have access to competent and current information.

California veterinarians have received verbal assurance from the California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) that veterinarians may hospitalize and treat ferrets without being considered “in possession.” The current understanding is that while possessing a ferret without a permit is illegal, veterinarians will not be fined or cited if ferrets are found in their hospital. In addition, DFG has no authority over licensed veterinarians as to the type of care they provide, nor can DFG require veterinarians to report clients with ferrets.

Although you may illegally own a domestic ferret in California and are fearful of being caught, this should not discourage you from seeking proper veterinary care. Neglected preventative care or non-treatment of a current disease may prove more lethal to your pet than the Dept. of Fish and Game. Contact your local vet for a referral to a specialist that has experience and expertise with ferrets.

In this Virtual Ferret Clinic, you will find a variety of health care issues related to the domestic ferret