The ferrets are very friendly, and the best for entertainment and they are always the best for making fun the time they have a positive mood for being rowdy. The ferrets are fond of making game challenges, which becomes more interactive. It is always best to ensure they are still occupied with something active, which makes them more healthy and happy.

You can make your ferret be able to play chase, the catch, among several games. When the ferret knows what the game entails, they will enthusiastically love the game. However, the ferret can cheat when playing the game since they are so intelligent that they can never even once play a fair game. When ensuring your ferret is having more fun and enjoying their days rather than staying dormant, ensure you teach them what they can play and how they should play the game. Here are the suggested games that you can encourage your ferrets to play.

1. Playing Tag Chase

The ferrets are known to be energetic, and fast-moving animals despite being little since with their moving pace, they can move faster anywhere inside the house. Whatever the game can be, provided they have some chasing around activities, they are the ferrets’ fun games. By that, it is simple to teach the ferret a playing tag game where you should teach it how it should chase you inside the house as you chase them too. The moment you start tagging our ferrets back, it becomes an amazing turnabout then it will come after you again, and the game will continue to be amazing until you both get tired.

2. Burrowing The Toys

The ferrets are also fond of exploring and digging underground, so if you teach them the burrowing and digging game as they look for the toy, they will never be dormant since that is what they like doing. The game is entertaining to them and challenges them more, which makes them overthink. You can fill a carton box using some natural materials that include the packing peanuts, then hide the ferret’s toys together with some other favorite treats of your ferret inside the material at the carton. The ferrets will find it so amazing to look for the treats and the toys inside the box s they burrow. The game can seem easy, but it means a lot to the ferrets.

3. Fish For The Ferret

Some cat toys, including the ball and feather when held with the stick, they can make the ferret have more fun. They can start to do the hunting for the favorite toys and when you want to have their full attention, then trail the toy onto the floor and have them lifted where the can reach then see how amazing your ferrets will try to get in touch with the toys. This gives them a hunting idea, which makes them interactive.

4. Make The Maze

The ferrets are intelligent too, and they can take any game which can challenge them both physically and mentally. One can decide to purchase ready-made kit maze for the small animals; you can, however, make a selection box or tube for your own. You will then hide the treats inside the maze, then ensure you are timing journey of your ferrets where you can also alter the maze layer to challenge your ferrets.

5. Playing With Remote Control Toys

You can purchase cheap remote control toys like the toy car since, in the event of the game, they can be damaged. You should look for the hard surface like cemented tiles area or wood then have the toy car piloted around the ferret. Have the ferret chase the toy till the time they catch. You may decide to turn the remote control toy to a tag game where you can chase the ferret with your car again.


6. Have Pillow Fight

Pillow fights can seem to be simple, but the truth is that they are fun to use with the ferret. The best pillows are those lightweight, small cushions which your ferret can always handle when having pillow fights game. You can drop that cushion on the ferret then gently retrieve it and encourage the ferret to try and do the same to you with the pillow.

7. Ferret Trampoline

The trampoline tends to be fun and enjoyable with the kids. However, now even the ferrets like them and they are interested in them if you have one in your house or the garden. You can place the ferret at the trampoline middle, push it gently to make the ferret enjoy the feeling of bouncing forth and back. You should then wait for your ferrets to bounce without a push and when you realize the trampoline is higher from the floor, always be cautious of your ferret with maximum care so you can prevent them from getting injuries due to fall.

8. War Tug

The ferrets are not afraid of anything one bit since if they like anything you have, they won’t hesitate to have it. You can take your ferret to participate in war tug using the dog toy rope or using some old tea towel. You must give back your toy to the ferret after you are done where you must make sure the sharp teeth of your ferret should never be close to or grab your finger since they might bite you.

9. Catch Game

Since the ferrets are bright animals, they can adapt to every game rules, including fetching and catching provided they want to follow the game rules. take the small balls and throw to the ferrets to chase it and have them give back the game to you. You can repeat the game until you become exhausted.

10. Dancing

You can introduce the war docking dance with the ferret since they will use energy and be excited so much. You may decide to play with the ferrets too and have the videos taken where you can have it uploaded for people to view.

best ferret games infographic
Ferret Games Infographic

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The ferrets are playful and funny animals, just like the others, and they should be shown some activities that can make them stay busy. Always ensure that your ferret is active with games and if you have no time, then create time for them so they can enjoy and have the feeling of being at home. Never abandon your ferrets since just like other animals and pets, they too need some games to play and make them active and jovial always.

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Last Updated on February 16, 2023

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