10 Very Unique & Interesting Facts about Ferrets

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1. What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, er, ferret? 

Ferret “was derived from the Latin furonem which means thief.”  This name fits this animal perfectly knowing that before, they were trained in hunting rabbits and other small animals.  They can steal anything that they can put their hands on and try to hide them in their house. They are also known for different names such as ferts, fuzzies, carpet sharks, furballs, etc.

2. Along came the family

Female ferrets are commonly called “jills” but in North America, they are more known as “sprites”. Males are known as “hobs” or in North America, as “gibs”. The baby ferrets are called “kits”. When seen as a group, they are referred to as a “business of ferrets”.

3. Markings and Colors

Their colors can vary from rich, dark brown with golden highlights to pure white with red eyes.  There are at least 6 kinds of ferrets with their own unique colors which set them apart. These include the Sable, Albino, Cinnamon, Panda, Blaze/Badger and Silver Siamese.

4. Lights, camera…

Ferrets are well known in popular culture. It has been used several times in movies, novels, short stories, and comics. To name a few, these include The Fellowship of the Ring, Harry Potter, and The Golden Compass.

5. On Sleeping

A ferret sleeps for about 20 hours each day. Because they sleep for too long, sometimes, owners mistakenly think that they are already dead. Now, talk about beauty rest!

6. Popularity Contest

It is no wonder that ferrets “is currently the third most popular pet after cats and dogs in the US.”  People now understand that they are not wild animals which are mean and vicious and that they have been “domesticated since the time of Pharaohs in Egypt”.

7. Size Matters

Male ferrets are generally larger than females. Hobs “can weigh from 2-4 pounds and jils are half the size of the males.”   Domestic ferrets have “an average length of approximately 20 inches (51 cm) including a 5 inch (13 cm) tail, weigh about 2-4 pounds (1 kg)”.

8. Feeding Time

Ferrets are “obligate carnivores”, meaning meat-eaters. They would not be able to survive without meat because it is a part of their natural diet. Learn More about what do you feed a ferret

9. Home Sweet Home

Ferrets are comfortable in spacious cages “which are outside under the veranda or balcony or they can have the run of the house or a spare room”.

10. Happiness is also a Virtue

When a ferret is “flipping on the floor and bouncing off furniture while making chirping or dooking sounds”, don’t be alarmed. It isn’t attacking you; this means your pet is happy!

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Last Updated on February 23, 2023

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