How to Determine the Sex of Your Ferret?

Last Updated on April 7, 2021

Welcome to the Ferret Beginners Guide! This is Chapter 4: How to Determine the Sex of Your Ferret??

Would you like to buy a male ferret or a female ferret? The choice here is primarily yours. There are many who prefer to have pets of female sex primarily because of the notion that they are more easily domesticated. Similarly, some pet owners believe in having male pets due to the belief that they have a robust character.

There is a misconception in the minds of many that determining the sex of a ferret is not all that easy. There are, however, concrete ways to make this distinction in a crystal clear fashion. You are advised to closely inspect the belly of the ferret, about halfway between the tail and the bottom of the rib cage. If you see what looks like an “outie” belly button, it’s definitely a male.

If you are looking for a female ferret, closely examine the area just in front of the anus for a second opening, perhaps with a tiny flap of skin. If you see that, it’s a female. You can confirm your findings by looking at a once-used litter box. Ferrets usually urinate and defecate in one sitting, and because of the anatomy described above, males leave puddles a few inches in front of their piles, whereas with females, both puddles are right on top of each other.

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