How Old Should a Ferret be before Bringing it Home?

Last Updated on April 22, 2021

Welcome to the Ferret Beginners Guide! This is Chapter 5: How Old Should a Ferret be before Bringing it Home?

The best age to bring your ferret home is an important issue since you are longing for a long-term companion. What also is known as a must with this issue is the fact that you will have to train your new friend so that he can adjust to the environment of your home. In the process, you are also required to make some adjustments at your end so that the ferret will really feel at home.

Given the fact that training emerges as a crucial factor, or some would even say the foundation of your future relationship with the new pet, experts normally advise pet owners to bring home a ferret which is no more than 12 to 20 weeks old. With an average life span of nearly 10 years, bringing a ferret which is three to five months old and mingling him with your family environment is considered to be easier. If you pick them up at such an early age, their responsiveness to your directions will be far greater as they will not be having much of the behavioral baggage. It will be much easier for you to tame any wild tendency in the baby pet. They will learn what you want them to learn. Since ferrets have personalities of their own, it will also be easier for you to understand his personality traits in the blooming stage and prepare yourself for the treatment of the pet in the future. In a nutshell, it is best to buy a cute, baby ferret.

Though nobody strongly opposes the idea of bringing in an older ferret, the fact is that you have to have a lot of patience to really bring them to the point of perfect adaptability to your home conditions. Old ferrets come with their own set of well- developed habits which you may not like and will be difficult for you to control. “It’s like trying to stop a runaway train,” an expert comments. But if you have decided to buy an old ferret, the only piece of advice for you is to spend some time (which may even mean a few hours for a couple of days) with it at the store from where you are buying it to really understand the true colors of the pet. You decide only if you are totally convinced about its capability to adapt even at a matured age.

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