FERRET For Sale 2021 [Buying Guide]

Last Updated on October 13, 2021

Have you ever wanted a ferret? They’re the perfect animal to have around for play and companionship. You can get your very own fuzzy critter either by going out locally or purchasing one online. There are not many stores that sell them online, but it’s worth checking because there is still an opportunity of buying one at this point in time! I will give some tips on how we buy our ferrets through sites like Amazon so keep reading if interested!

Buying Ferret Online Tips

If you are thinking of getting a good deal by making the highest bid, don’t even bother because you won’t find live ferrets up for grabs here by looking them up in an auction site since you will only find the accessories.

Most sites have photos of the ferrets, and when you have chosen the one you like, you can pay for it, so this can be delivered or be told to pick it up yourself from the breeder. These are available in different ages, gender, and color so take your pick.

You don’t spend more or less when you decide to buy a ferret online instead of getting it in your neighborhood because the selling price of a ferret is still around $100 to $250. At the same time that you are buying your ferret, you may also buy some other items like the cage and a few other accessories that will be an additional $100 to $250.

Aside from breeders who sell ferrets online, you will also be able to find information that you will find useful in taking care of your pet. There are articles written by experts, books, and posts that allow you to ask questions and read the responses from other ferret owners.

For people who have never raised a ferret before, it is best to do some research on this animal. You should know how to take care of ferrets and most importantly if it is legal to own one where you reside. As of now, ferrets are illegal to own as pets in the states of California, Hawaii, Texas, and Canada.

They are legal in the cities of Illinois, Minneapolis, New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island and owners are required to acquire a permit. If you do not live in any of the areas mentioned, you should get in touch with your local game or wildlife department or your local vet.

But buying a ferret is not that different from buying any other item on the web. You still have to be careful who you buy it from to avoid being scammed by doing a background check. Since you want good value for your money, it is best to get in touch with a few breeders or sellers and then try to haggle a bit before closing the deal.

Should you be required to pick up the animal yourself, examine it carefully by looking at the eyes, its behavior and the coating. It is only if you are satisfied with the animal that you pay up the whole amount and then take it home.

Websites with Ferrets For Sale

1. Carolina Ferrets

Carolina Ferrets is a website where you can buy ferrets online. Caroline Ferrets are ferret breeders that are very personally invested in ferrets and they’re not affiliated with any organization or pet store. They raise and sell Angora ferrets directly themselves.

It’s best to buy a ferret from their website if you live in the United States because they provide fairly easy shipping to most areas of the U.S. Shipping internationally is also possible, but it’s more complicated due to regulations, and you may need to hire a broker to handle the transaction.

Overall, Carolina Ferrets is a good choice for buying a ferret because of their easy shipping in the United States and the personal care and attention they give to ferrets. However, their service has sometimes received mixed reviews, with some customers saying the site owner is unresponsive or the ferrets are not properly trained to not bite. For these reasons, it might be best to contact the site owner directly and speak to her, or even better, to meet with her to check out the ferrets in person. She provides her contact details on the website.

2. Craigslist

You can search for ferrets for sale on Craigslist and arrange to meet someone with a ferret and have them ship the ferret to you.

3. KSL

The KSL marketplace is huge and has a listing for almost anything. You can search their marketplace and find listings of ferrets for sale.

4. Hoobly

Hoobly Classifieds is a slick and convenient marketplace that has listings for ferrets. Simply search for ferrets in their search box and you’ll come across plenty of listings.

5. Facebook Groups

Joining a Facebook group about ferrets is an excellent way to connect directly with other ferret lovers and buy, sell, or adopt ferrets. There several Facebook groups for ferrets. For example, here is a Facebook group for selling ferrets and ferret accessories, and as of now, it has a sizeable membership of about 5,000 people. You can search for more groups by typing“ferrets” in the Facebook search box.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where Can I Buy a Ferret?

One option is to find a breeder near you, It is a very good idea to check out local breeders if you can.Another place to look for a ferret is your vet. a veterinary office or animal clinic might have a ferret that they are advertising. There are also stores in most cities and towns that will sell ferrets. these are usually owners who are either selling their own ferret or are trying to clean out their warehouse, they will probably give you a discount, so be sure to take advantage of this. If you do not want to buy a ferret in a store, you can also look online, there are many online stores that will sell ferrets at a good price.

2. How much does it cost to buy a ferret?

It can cost between $250-$600 per year to own a ferret. The initial costs of buying and setting up for these little guys is not cheap, but the annual upkeep should be manageable if you have some cash saved or are financially secure enough for an animal. However, over time your investment could add up quickly – so it’s important that either way you’re prepared with funds!


In conclusion, there are a few viable but limited ways to buy ferrets online. The websites mentioned in this article allow you to find ads for ferrets for sale and interact directly with the ferret owner who‘s selling their ferret. You can also order from ferret breeders such as Carolina Ferrets. But the best way to get a ferret is to buy one in person, and it‘s recommended that you locate the nearest pet store or an animal shelter in your local area and try to find a ferret there. You can read more here about buy ferrets online.


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