Top 5 Best Ferret Toys 2021

Last Updated on June 9, 2021

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Premium PickKUUQA Kids Ball Pit Pool for Ferrets and kids ReviewKUUQA Kids Ball Pit Pool for Ferrets and kids
  • Can be folded into a 18 cm diameter package
  • Waterproof polyester fabrics and fiberglass pole
  • Easy to clean and dry quickly
5/5 StarsReview..
Best PickNiteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel ReviewNiteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel
  • Expandable plastic allows the tunnel to expand up to 39 inches and contract.
  • Made of durable, stain resistant plastic.
5/5 StarsReview..
Best overallKong Small Animal Toy ReviewKong Small Animal Toy
  • Helps clean teeth and soothe gums
  • Using Kong as a tool for training, socialization, games and exercise
5/5 StarsReview..

Ferrets are some of the most entertaining pets with a sensible degree of intelligence. However, for them to keep you entertained, you have to keep them healthy and happy, and you can do this by keeping their mind and body engaged.

This is where ferret toys come into play. By providing your ferret with different varieties of toys, you will be meeting your ferret’s needs for exercises and enrichment that she needs for mental stimulation.

However, because there are many types and brands of toys, it can be hard to know the best ferret toys. That’s why we saw it wise to compile a guide on how to buy ferret toys and also review the top 5 best ferret toys in 2021.

We analyzed expert reviews, customer reviews, and also ratings of different toys before settling on the five products.

Before we review these toys, let’s talk about how to pick the right toy for your ferret;

How to Choose Ferret Toys

1. Know the type of toys that appeal to your ferret

As we mentioned earlier, ferrets are among the most playful pets you can have, and thus you have to invest in different types of toys. Since they are explorative creatures, you may have to experiment with different types of toys to know which one your pet likes.

Here are five main types of toys you can buy for your ferret;

  • A ball pit. This tops the list of best ferret toys you should get since they offer ferrets a place where they can hide, play, and climb, all in one toy. It is one of the toys that most ferrets enjoy. There are some ball pits that come with balls included, while for others, you have to buy balls separately.
  • Tunnel toys. Naturally, ferrets are wild creatures. They have a natural instinct for tunnels and dens. That’s why it is important to have tunnel toys. Tunnel toys are of different lengths. Get one that fits your budget and cage area.
  • In-cage toys. Most of the time, your ferret will be spending time in their cage, which is why you need to have some in-cage toys to stimulate them to play. They will not be happy to chill in their cage with no toys while you are not there to play with them. Therefore, to prevent boredom, look for ferret toys with simple hooks that attach to the ferret cage.
  • Chew toys. Ferrets are carnivorous by nature, which means that it is unsurprising for them to love to gnaw. You need to buy chew toys for them to not only entertain themselves but also keep their teeth and gum strong and clean. Make sure to go for chew toys that are specifically made for ferrets. They should contain no glue, latex, plastic, rubber, or metal.

All these are different types of toys you can get for your ferret. You may need to experiment with different toys to know which ones appeal to your ferret more.

2. Consider safety

Ferrets like to chew on just anything, which is why you should choose toys that are made from non-toxic materials. Avoid chewing toys with glue or metallic parts.

3. Size of the toys or toy parts

Ensure that the toys you go for are not very small since your pet may try to swallow them. Also, make sure that they don’t contain small, loose parts that can detach from the toy and get swallowed. You don’t want to rush to a vet to get the swallowed parts removed through surgery.

4. Ease of cleaning

Ferrets are known to be messy creatures, and thus, in addition to size and safety, you should also look for toys that are easy to clean or wash.

5. Hiding areas

Being nocturnal animals, ferrets spend most of their day sleeping. Therefore, look for toys that offer a hiding place where they can take a nap.

With these factors in mind, you are in a better position to shop for a new toy for your ferret.

Keep reading to see our top 5 picks for BEST FERRET TOYS

1. KUUQA Kids Ball Pit Pool for Ferrets and kids

KUUQA Kids Ball Pit Pool for Ferrets and kids

This is a great ferret toy that is extremely fun for all kinds of ferrets. The ball pit can hold up to 500 balls but doesn’t come with balls included. What’s more, this toy is easy to fold and store.

In order to make it more fun for your pet, you can attach a tunnel to this pit and watch your ferret have mad fun. The best thing about this toy is that it can accommodate several ferrets, and all of them will play with no fights over it.

It is made up of durable fabric that is easy to clean.

  • It is designed with foldable features and thus easier to store
  • Compact and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used by several pellets
  • Not very stable, and thus can move around
  • Doesn’t come with balls

2. Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel

Niteangel Small Pet Fun Tunnel Review

Simple and super-fun. That’s how we can describe this tunnel by Niteangel. It is a good choice for both adult ferrets and ferrets babies. The Niteangel tunnel is made of stain-resistant and durable plastic that is flexible enough to be set up in different shapes. It is perfect for running, crawling, and exploring.

Since it is made of durable plastic, the tube is very easy to clean- when your ferret makes it dirty, which is a common occurrence, you can simply wipe it clean with a damp rag, and maybe add a little bit gentle soap to clean it better. What we love the most about this tube tunnel is that it can be set up into several unique positions, thereby giving your ferret endless way to be active and have fun.

  • It is durable
  • Easy to clean and stain-resistant
  • Flexible enough to be set up in different positions
  • May have a little odor when first opened

3. SmartyKat Bouncy Toy

SmartyKat Bouncy Toy Review

Are you looking forward to encourage bonding with your ferret? The SmartyKat Bouncy Mouse is a teaser toy that offers stimulation and exercise for your ferrets. To use the toy, slip the ring over your finger and let your cute mouse bounce at the end of the elastic string with every flick. There are a variety of colors to choose from, depending on what you like.

The toy is also very durable, no matter how your ferrets play with it, and the insides contain a fiberfill made from 100% recycled plastic to ensure comfort and sustainability. There are no safety concerns for your pets and children as the product is made of safe materials. Most users recommend this toy, saying that their pets loved it.

  • Features a sturdy build
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • It’s eco-friendly
  • The bungee cord is short.

4. Kong Small Animal Toy

Kong Small Animal Toy Review

Made from natural rubber, this Small Animal Kong toy makes a perfect cage companion for your playful ferrets. They will love to chew this chew-proof rubber toy that helps clean their teeth and soothe their gums to help prevent dental diseases. It is also a great toy to provide your little guy with the physical stimulation it requires.

The Kong toy has a hole at the bottom where you can hide treats for your ferrets to make playing sessions much more enjoyable. All you need is to insert a treat and watch them figure out how to get them out. The small size is perfect for ferrets, but there are also other sizes should you want to get a chewing toy for the most powerful chewers.

  • It’s made from durable rubber
  • Perfect size for small animals like ferrets
  • Useful for cleaning teeth and soothing gums
  • Only available in color red

5. Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Accessories Kit

Ferret Nation & Critter Nation Accessories Kit Review

Looking for customizable accessories to keep your ferrets busy in the cage? The Ferret Nation and Critter Nation Accessory Kit has enough add-ons to turn the cage into a playground. It contains a hide-and-seek tunnel, a cozy cube, a busy body blanket, and a hammock. Each accessory features a soft material for comfort, and the bright teal and purple colors will liven up their environment.

The hammock and the cube can be secured in the cage with clips, with most owners saying that the ferrets are obsessed with them. As ferrets are playful animals that like to hide, the tunnel provides a place to satisfy their urge to burrow. The material used is soft enough for your little ones and won’t cause any allergies.

  • It offers perfect play and rest
  • Made of soft material
  • Easy to clean using a dishwasher
  • Offers limited color options


Ferrets are playful pets, and therefore, if you don’t provide toys to play with, they will suffer from boredom.

When buying toys for them, make sure to take into consideration the size of the toys and their safety as ferrets love to chew. Also, make sure to provide different varieties of toys to keep your ferret busy.

The above five ferret toys we have reviewed are the best and will keep your pet active.

FAQ About Ferret Toys

Q: What kind of toys do ferrets like to play with?

Ferrets like to get inside funnels and play with balls. Therefore, provide your pet with ball pits filled with hard rubber balls, tunnels, as well as in-cage toys. All the above five best ferret toys we have reviewed will suit your pet.

Q: How do I keep my ferret entertained?

Like cats and dogs, ferrets love playing with toys. They will chew them, chase after them, or climb on them. Therefore, keep rope toys, rubber balls, and any of the above toys around their cage. You don’t have to buy toys that are only made specifically for ferrets. As long as a toy is safe for pets, you can experiment with your ferret.

Q: Do ferrets need to chew toys?

Ferrets are carnivorous in nature, and thus they have a tendency to chew on things to sharpen and clean their teeth.
Therefore, keep safe toys they can chew and ensure that these toys are specifically made for them.

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