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If you like furry little things that snuggle up to you, play around with you and are just so cute that you can’t stop the oohs and aahs then, Ferrets are the ideal pets for you. Ferrets are an excellent choice if you are looking for nice, intelligent creatures that reciprocate your love. They being cute doesn’t stop them from being mischevious and can be a pain in the neck sometimes. It’s like having a toddler, only smaller in size.Go to our ferrets as pets section, If You’re Interested in Studying Ferrets in More Depth

Here are more facts as to why ferrets make the best pets:

1) Ferrets are adorable

With their bright eyes, inquisitive nature and small size, ferrets are a delight to be around. They make the best candidate for photos. You can dress them in short t-shirts that make them look like a small baby. With an average length of 15 inches ( tail of 4 inches) and weight around 2 kg, they can easily be carried around. The duration depends on the gender. Males are a couple of inches longer than the females.

2) Ferrets are loving and caring

They can gel with humans quickly. They like to have company all the time, be it fellow ferrets or humans. They reciprocate with all the love and care showered on them. They also get along with other pets of the household like cats and dogs. You need to supervise their interaction so that the large animals won’t hurt it. Once they start liking each other, there is no separating them.

3) Ferrets are curious and playful

They like to dig around anything that catches their attention. They are generally very active and it’d entertaining to watch them explore their surroundings, skittering here and there. This nature of theirs makes them a kid’s favorite pet. They are as curious as a baby. Like a baby, they find every new thing intriguing and set about investigating it. This similarity between them and the babies makes the heart melt.

4) Ferrets can be trained

They are intelligent animals that can be trained to do tricks and can also be litter trained. This way they don’t create much mess. They can be trained to do a handshake, rollover, to stand up, etc., like a dog is trained.

5) Ferrets like to socialize

They should be let out of their cage for some time, say 4-5 hours a day so that they can play around. They may grow dull if not allowed to socialize or play. They need exercise every day, which is not much trouble for the owners as a walk around the neighborhood with the furry thing is enough. Don’t forget the harness or they may go scurrying after pretty much anything they deem interesting.

6) Ferrets seldom make any noise

Ferrets are quiet animals that do not make a noise unless they are in danger or are frightened, unlike cats and dogs, which howl and growl at ungodly hours waking the neighbors. They only make cute, small noises while playing.

7) Ferret diet is simple

They are carnivorous and need a high-protein diet and lots of fat. Food pellets specially made for ferrets are readily available. You can find ferret food at the vet or a local store. In case of unavailability of pre-packaged ferret food, cat food which is high in protein is a better alternative. Cats and ferrets have the same nutritional needs. They can also eat home-cooked chicken, lamb, etc. They are strictly carnivorous and can’t digest fruits, carbohydrates, vegetables, and dairy. They take 5-6 small meals a day.

8) Ferrets are low-maintenance

Their needs are few. A timely visit to the vet and vaccinations are a basic necessity. Trimming the nails is essential as they can get things stuck in the nails which makes them tug and pull that causes bleeding. They require less care than what most pets demand. Once they are adequately trained, you don’t have much to clean after them.

9) Different Nature

Like humans, ferrets have different personalities. Some like to cuddle, some want to play with you and refuse to sit quietly for some time. You can get a ferret that compliments your nature. This will brighten up your day.

10) Ferrets are risk-free

They generally sleep for large parts of the day, so you need to run after them the whole time. They are not poisonous or dangerous and do not cause harm unless provoked. They usually don’t get in fights and stay away from trouble.

They have a lifespan of 7-10 years. Ferrets make the best pets. Their nature and personality make them compatible and loyal to humans. They are a handful and will keep you on your toes. Get them only if you can handle this level of cuteness.

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Why You Should Get A Ferret Infographic
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Are Ferrets For You?

At the end of a very long day, it is good to come home to a house where someone or at least, something will be excitedly waiting for you. Common pet owners usually have dogs happily wagging their tails to meet them or cats sleazily telling them they need to be fed right away. 

Then there are those people who prefer exotic pets that can be misinterpreted as living warnings even miles before someone reaches the doorsteps. These may vary from snakes to arachnids. Those who do not have phobias will suddenly rethink their fears. Then there are some who prefer something in the middle – not so ordinary but no so wild—ferrets.

Ferrets “come from the mustildae family with minks, weasels, otters, skunks, badgers, and European polecat as its cousins.”  However, even as its cousins thrive in the wild, ferrets cannot survive without the care and protection given by humans. They are more dependent on humans to survive. They’re animal instincts can only do so much to help them in surviving in the wild. Because of this feeling of dependency on humans, many pet lovers become attracted to these furry animals. They know that ferrets as pets need special attention and extra care. Not everyone is a suited candidate to be a ferret’s owner.

Ferrets as pets have “engaging personalities, playful activity, and fastidious nature”.   

When it comes to keeping the house looking and smelling decently without traces of urine and feces, ferrets are highly trainable in using litter boxes. Just leave a low-sided litter box where they can see it.
It is also good to know that ferrets do not wage wars against dogs and cats. However, it’s a different story when it comes to birds. So, it is advisable that owners keep the birds in higher places or better yet, don’t challenge Mother Nature by having birds and ferrets in one household lest the owner wants fur and feather in a battle arena.

As much as we want to protect our pets, they still find creative ways in putting themselves in trouble. 

 “Ferret-proofing” is a term that owners use in protecting ferrets against dangerous places and things that can harm them at home. This can be as simple as blocking small or big holes with duct tape (temporary only) or wood and other materials. Ferrets may be trapped inside if left opened. Different pieces of furniture, as harmless as they look, can also become threats to the ferrets’ safety. Ferret owners know that any kind of hiding place can be a good place where ferrets take naps. So, before letting these pets loose, make sure that “couches, upholstered furniture, mattresses, etc. by tacking hardboard, masonite or heavy-duty sheeting materials to the bottom.”

Owners should also double-check their electrical appliances, kitchen, laundry rooms, bathrooms, plants, and windows. These can potentially harm these furry creatures, too. Aside from these parts of the house, owners should caution themselves too because even if the house is fully ferret proof, the owners themselves may accidentally harm them.

Because it requires more responsibility to take care of ferrets, it is encouraged that adult owners do not let young children pat ferrets without proper supervision. Kits, as baby ferrets are called, “are very playful and may scare or hurt children. A child who roughly cuddles a ferret may be bitten or scratched.” But this doesn’t mean that ferrets as pets are dangerous. They just need to be handled with more gentleness and awareness in the owner’s part. Who knows? One day you might just become one proud ferret owner.

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