Useful Ferret Resource List

Updated on March 16, 2019

Useful Ferret Resource List

If you’re trying to learn the best ferret knowledge resource list you’re in the right place! Originally posted 2018-12-15 05:21:03.

The Definitive Guide to Types of Ferrets

Updated on March 15, 2019

types of ferret

There are two main types of ferrets in North America: the domesticated ferret and wild ferrets. Wild ferrets are known as the black-footed ferrets. These ferrets are endangered in North America, which means they are in danger of disappearing forever. Domesticated ferrets are related to black-footed ferrets, but they are different. The ferrets that people Read More »

Pets for Christmas Presents in 2018

Updated on March 11, 2019

Pets for Christmas in 2018

In general, pets as Christmas presents are a very bad idea. Both for the pet and the person receiving the pet. Adopting an animal into the family is very much like having a child. You would not just hand someone a baby for Christmas! Christmas is a time when families get together. There is a Read More »

Want To Learn Ferret Bite? Look No Further

Updated on March 10, 2019

do ferret bites hurt

Ferrets can bite for several reasons, and it is important to know the reason, that makes the correcting of the behavior much easier. Do not make a mistake to see playful biting as aggressive biting. Real biters will bite and will not let go, or will bite so hard that the teeth will go right Read More »